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4 Reasons Your Dog Goes Crazy After a Bath

Written by Nikki Wardle | March 27, 2018 at 3:00 PM

The zoomies. The post-bath crazies. Energy burst. Whatever you call it, you’ve probably experienced it: your dog goes nuts running around your house or yard after a bath. It’s fun to watch (as long as you don’t get a lap-full of wet dog on accident), but it’s also a little weird, right? Why does your dog go crazy after a bath? We’re no doggy psychologists, but we’ve been around enough canines to have a few ideas.

Your Dog’s Thoughts After a Bath

Whether you bathe your dog monthly or once a quarter, they probably aren’t overly fond of the entire process. Afterward, they release some of that nervous energy and rub their wet fur all over the furniture, almost appearing to be performing some wild “GET THIS STUFF OFF ME” dance. What’s going through your dog’s mind?

I’m so glad that’s over!

One of the first reasons your dog could be going crazy after a bath is the relief. Most dogs don’t love getting a bath, and even if they do, they’re ready to be free from the confinement of a tub after a good scrub-down. Your dog may be so pleased to be free from bath time that she’ll release all her energy in one burst of pure joy. Zoom!

What is this awful smell?!

If you’ve ever watched a dog roll around to apply a thick coating of animal feces “perfume,” you know this universal truth: dog noses and human noses don’t agree on what smells good. You think your pup smells like vanilla and citrus—ahhhh, lovely—after a bath, but he thinks he smells downright awful. A dog will do his level best to get rid of the new smell and return to his favorite musk—poop, dirt, grass, and doggie.

I’m WET!

Maybe the simplest answer to this question is the most obvious: your dog knows a little air, and some rubbing against the furniture or grass will get her dry faster. There’s a chance that what looks like a frantic burst of energy to us is just the equivalent of a towel-down to our dogs.

This was fun last time, so…

Finally, the zoomies after bath time could be a combination of all these reasons, plus one more: routine. Puppies and dogs, in general, tend to have periodic bursts of energy, and they tend to happen at regular intervals. For instance, you may have noticed your dog wants to wrestle or run around the yard every night after dinner. The post-bath crazies could be just a habitual release of all that doggie energy, and since you laughed and played along last time, your dog is ready to party again.

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