5 Tail-Wagging Benefits of Doggie Daycare

October 13, 2016 at 9:00 AM by Nikki Wardle

Nikki Wardle

Doggie daycare and being social

Let's be honest: no matter how you feel about your job, it can probably sometimes feel like being locked in a crate for eight straight hours! You're familiar with the feeling, and it's no fun--so why would you want to put your dog through the same thing? Keeping dogs locked up while you're busy isn't just boring for Fido; it can also be unhealthy. Luckily, doggie daycare can help.

A Crash-Course in Doggie Daycare

It may not seem so bad to leave your dog at home while you're running errands or working, but the truth is that, over time, there are numerous physical and mental health risks that can build up and cause anxiety, destructive behavior, and physiological problems in your pet. Dogs weren't designed to spend so long in a crate--just like humans weren't designed to spend so long behind a desk!

The idea behind doggie daycare is to save your pet from feeling the "prison blues" after days spent in the crate. This is a safe, reliable, cost- and time-effective, and even healthy alternative, allowing you to take care of Fido without having to sacrifice anything in your busy schedule. Watched over by a host of professionals in pet care and afforded the best in doggie luxury, daycare is a great way to get your dog's tail wagging.

5 Big Benefits

If you're still wondering how doggie daycare can save you and your dog the stress, take a look at these five benefits, explained by pet lodging professionals.

  1. Socialization. Imagine a pack of wolves. Everything they do is social, from playtime to survival; nature has never created a better group of communicators. However, imagine how different a pack of wolves would be if each animal had to spend all day in a crate. There would be no chance for socialization, and that flawless communication would quickly become muddled. The same is true for your dog. Although Fido probably doesn't need to coordinate how to hunt a meal with fellow dogs, it is important to keep these "pack animals" socialized--and doggie daycare is just the place for that.
  2. Behavior improvement. When you send your dog to doggie daycare, you can be guaranteed that he'll come home having learned a little bit about etiquette. Pet care professionals know how to make dogs behave well around other dogs and around humans--which means that your pet isn't just taken care of for the day; he's actually better off for it.
  3. Exercise. We all know how important regular exercise is, and it's just the same for our dogs. Doggie daycare provides plenty of opportunities to stretch those muscles, keeping your pet at a healthy weight and limiting the risks of health problems later on. You dog can get energy out, exercise, and have fun, all while you're busy. (If only human exercise could be this easy!)
  4. Affection. Dogs usually don't like being left alone on a regular basis. This makes doggie daycare an invaluable asset, because it allows you to "pass the baton" when it comes to giving your dog all the necessary attention during the day. You'll never to have to worry about Fido being lonely.
  5. Stress-free environment. If someone locked you in a crate, you'd probably get pretty stressed too--but doggie daycare doesn't have that kind of stress. In fact, dogs often look forward to the fun, exercise, and attention they'll enjoy at daycare, meaning that you and your pet can rest easy. No matter when you need to drop your dog off, you can always be guaranteed that a safe, healthy environment is waiting at doggie daycare.

These 5 tail-wagging benefits are just the tip of the ice-burg. If you want to see just how much of a difference doggie daycare can make in your dog's life (and how much stress it can take out of your schedule), contact us today!

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Nikki Wardle

Written by Nikki Wardle

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