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The pros of doggie day care

Day Care: A Fit for All Dogs

Posted by Nikki Wardle on July 13, 2015 at 9:39 AM
Nikki Wardle
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Doggie daycare -- is it the perfect fit for your fluffy pal? Daycare provides a good fit for energetic dogs, dog that are currently in a training program, and timid dogs. Check out the pros for each situation.

The energetic dog.

Daycare is a wonderful option for your energetic, extroverted dog. You know how it goes. He snoozes and mopes all day long, storing up energy and then the moment you enter the door he then unleashes it on you. You're tired from a long day's work, but he's rearing to go. If he's been at daycare all day, he won't have such a serious case of cabin fever and you'll only have to take him for a walk if you want to. A tired dog means a well-behaved, low-maintenance dog.

The training-in-progress dog.

Not only do you not want a wild greeting from your puppy, but you also don't want to see spilled trashcans and chewed up shoes. You don't want to sit in your business meeting worrying about your new couch or curtains. With doggie daycare, you can work without wondering about your little work-in-progress chewing things up or fighting with your other dog. Doggy daycare will provide safety for him, for your house, and he'll get behavioral training.

The timid dog.

Does your dog shy away from socialization? Doggie day care allows supervised socialization with other people and with fellow canines. He'll get plenty of opportunities to respond to all types of different dogs. This will rub off his rough edges and encourage him to branch out. Soon he'll enjoy friendly wrestling and romping with his dog pals.

Contact us if you'd like to set up your (energetic, in-training or timid) dog with doggie daycare!  

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