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Doggie Day Care Offers Pooch Perks

Posted by Nikki Wardle on August 19, 2015 at 1:35 PM
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[referenceurl:] [title:Doggie Day Care Offers Pooch Perks ] [] [path:TM] [published:TM] [image:217154233] [tags:Doggie Day Care] [keywords:Doggie Day Care] [description:Doggie day care is a great way to keep your dog happy and healthy!]

When you are gone all day, your dog is probably lonely. While leaving dogs home alone or in a crate might seem like the best bet, but there is a better option. Doggie day care is a great alternative and offers perks for your pooch. Here are a few of them.

Health and Happiness

At Dog Day Camp, your pet gets the chance to socialize, exercise, and play. Physical activity is important for your dog, no matter their age and a daycare is a great option to ensure they get the exercise they need. Exercise decreases anxiety and boosts joint and digestive health.

Stick to a Schedule

Doggie daycare gives your pup potty breaks and regular activity, which in turn helps them be better behaved and less stressed. Schedules are good for dogs, and, if you're gone all day, your pet might not have access to fresh water or a proper place to potty.

Safety and Socializing

You can be assured your pet is safe at doggie daycare. In addition, it gives your dog a safe space to get the socialization that is so important to their health, happiness, and behavior. Dogs that regularly socialize are more emotionally intelligent and can be better behaved overall.

Reduce Separation Anxiety

Some dogs suffer from severe separation anxiety, anxiety which can increase the longer they are home alone. Dog Day Camp is a great way to help reduce your dog's anxiety. If you aren't home for longer than 3-5 hours, doggie daycare is a great way to help alleviate some of the stress.

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