Meet Dr. Stephanie Scott

Dr Stephanie ScottDr. Stephanie Scott is a native Oregonian who recently moved to Idaho after a brief stint in Arizona. She moved here with her husband, daughter, and their four-legged (and one three-legged) familiars.

Prior to veterinary medicine, Dr. Scott received two undergraduate degrees; the first was a BS in Biology from Oregon State University with two minors, and her second was a BS in Nursing from Oregon Health Sciences University.  She worked as a registered nurse for some time before pursuing her true love of veterinary medicine.  Her pursuit led her to earn her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Oregon State University in 2013. Since that time, she has worked in Oregon and Arizona as a general practitioner in several clinics and has now found a home at Intermountain Pet Hospital.

From the time she was young, Dr. Scott felt a special connection with animals of all shapes and sizes. This amazing human-animal bond continues to intrigue and drives her to provide the best care she can for our furry family members.  She loves geriatric and hospice care and enjoys making our pet’s golden years as comfortable and full of life as possible. She also enjoys wound management and is always amazed at how the body can heal.

As of October 2021, Dr. Scott has been certified in Veterinary Medical Acupuncture and can now provide acupuncture services to dogs, cats, and other small animals like ferrets and rabbits.