Introducing the Pet Taxi from Intermontain Pet Hospital

Why use the Pet Taxi?

The purpose of the pet taxi is to make advanced Fear Free veterinary care more convenient and easily accessible for everyone. This service is offered Monday through Friday to ensure that your pet receives the care he or she needs.

Who can use the Pet Taxi?

The pet taxi service is offered for Free to all patients being transported between (to and from) the IPH Chinden clinic and the IPH Central Hospital.

For a small fee*, we can pick-up your pet for their grooming appointment, boarding, veterenary appointment or doggy day camp.  We can also deliver your dog or cat's food, medication or other pet supplies. 

How can request the Pet Taxi?

If you have a special request, please contact either of our locations. We will try our best to be as accommodating as possible.
Overland: 208-888-2910
Chinden: 208-888-2457

Intermountain Pet Taxi*fees are based on pick-up location to the final destination. call us for a quote.