Pet Preventative Care Packages

Preventative Care Package

Why Is Preventative Care Important For My Pet?

Pets can’t talk. When they're sick or injured, dogs and cats rarely complain until they're really suffering. This makes preventative care much more important in veterinary medicine than in human medicine.

If we don’t find problems through vigilant screening, many treatable problems can fester. Animals can suffer for months or even years from overlooked, easily treatable diseases.

Download our PDF about what is included in our package:

Details of the Total Health Package

With Intermountain's Total Health Package, you can:

  • Detect significant, underlying problems in seemingly healthy animals
  • Improve the length and quality of your pets' lives
  • Establish baseline values to ensure that your pets stay healthy in the future
  • Give yourself peace of mind

Good preventive care means we watch laboratory trends over time. Our veterinary software will integrate in-house and reference lab results. This allows us to graph all values over time so we can identify trends/problems before a pet is in crisis.

Pets shouldn't miss needed care because of cost. Because preventative care is so important, we've negotiated aggressively with our reference lab to bundle lab tests for discounted prices so we can pass on the savings to you! 

We believe you should have options when it comes to preventive care.  We have developed a great plan for your family fur ball. 

  • A physical examination with all core vaccinations
  • Complete Organ Function Test (28 chemistries)
  • Thyroid Screening
  • Complete Blood Count-anemia, infection and hydration
  • Urinalysis: Urinary function, diabetes, infection, stones and bladder tumors
  • Parasite exam and Heartworm Screening

These packages were developed so that all pets could receive the care they need in an affordable and straightforward approach.

The veterinary industry has seen a plethora of wellness programs that are complicated and confusing.  Many of these packages are designed to lock you in.  Many pet owners wonder, “Did I get my money’s worth?

We want you to KNOW you are getting your money’s worth and not feel trapped.

We offer payment options through Learn more about how these options work.  

To learn more about Intermountain Pet Hospital's Total Health Package, you can download the PDF below.