Pet Boarding Available

Pet Boarding

Welcome to Pet LodgeYou may not like it, but sometimes, your responsibilities will take you away from your beloved pets for a while. When that happens, you'll want to make sure that your animals are safe and cared for.

At Intermountain Pet Hospital, we know the feeling —and because we understand these concerns, we've worked to make our Pet Lodge boarding facilities as accommodating as possible. We'll keep an eye on your pets while you're gone and keep them as comfortable as can be.

Dog Suites

Intermountain's dog suites can fit one, two, or three cute canines and are all (approx.) 7 ft x 7 ft. We provide cots and bedding so your dog can be comfortable day and night. You can also take comfort in knowing that a Veterinary Technician will check your fur baby every day to ensure they are happy and healthy. 

Vaccination requirements effective 3-1-2017 

Cat Suites

Intermountain Pet Lodge takes care to room cats away from dogs, which helps keep their stress levels low. Pheromone diffusers are installed in each suite to enhance their calm nature even further; the scents let the cats know that they can trust our staff.

Our kitty condos have a multi-leveled design that keeps their food away from their litter boxes. It also lets them climb around and stay active.

Rates and Additional Services

The following rates apply for our pet boarding (please note that these are subject to change):

  • Canine Suites (approx. 7 ft x 7 ft ) - fits up to 3 dogs
    • $48.50 per 24 hours for the first dog
    • $35.50 per 24 hours for each additional dog
  • Feline Suites are $29.50 per 24-hours

Boarding Happy Tail Package - $23 per day

  • 4 hours of day camp or one 30-minute personal care time session (one one-on-one time with an animal care attendant)
  • Bedtime Cookie
  • Bizzy Bone (frozen Kong toy filled with special treats)

Boarding A la Cart Services:

  • Medication administration
    • $3.75 per administration
  • Personal care time
    • $16.50 for a 30-minute session
  • Day camp (must be neutered if over a year of age to attend day camp)
    • $18.50 per four-hour session (no camp on weekends)
    • 26.00 for a full day (8am - 5pm by request only)
  • Bizzy Bone (frozen Kong toy filled with treats)
    • $6 each
  • Bed Time Cookie
    • $3 each
  • Pet Spa Services

~Prices are subject to change without notice~