Feline Friendly Practice

Feline Friendly Practice

What Does "Feline Friendly Practice" Mean?

Feline Friendly Practice

Cats are a special type of animal. Anyone who has them knows this. They can seem finicky, temperamental, even downright crazy at times. To treat cats properly, you need to know exactly why they do what they do.

Unfortunately, many veterinarian practices don't seem aware of this simple truth. They just handle cats the same way that they deal with dogs or other animals. Anybody who has struggled through a trip to the vet with a cat should know that this approach doesn't work. Indeed, the experience can be so stressful that some pet owners don't bother taking their cats to the vet. Sadly, this is the biggest reason why cats don't receive the medical care that they need.

Cat Friendly PracticeAt Intermountain Pet Hospital, we know how to treat cats right. Our veterinarians and staff all undergo special training to understand and address the unique needs and characteristics of felines. You can see this training reflected in the design and practices of our hospital.

Cat Friendly Exam Rooms

We equip our cat exam rooms with pheromone diffusers, which release a substance similar to the facial pheromones that cats rub on the people they trust and love. When cats enter an exam room, they smell this substance and sense that they are safe around our staff. This allows them to relax, which allows us to treat them easier. We also give cats five minutes alone in our exam rooms, which lets them get even more comfortable and own the room.

Veterinary Care for Cats

When dogs are sick or injured, you can tell if you pay attention. With cats, it's trickier--they're much better at hiding symptoms than dogs tend to be. This makes it even more important to bring your kitties in for an exam and blood work each year: They could be the only way to tell if they have a condition that requires treatment.

Comfortable Boarding for Your Cats

Cat Friendly PracticeCats can find it stressful to be away from their familiar surroundings. Having dogs around can make that stress worse. That's why Intermountain Pet Hospital maintains a boarding wing exclusively for cats. We've installed pheromone diffusers in this area as well, which helps make your kitties even more comfortable while they're staying with us. We also have special medical boarding for cats who need regular medication or closer observation.

Bringing Your Cat to Intermountain

While Intermountain works hard to make your cat's visit as comfortable as possible, getting him or her to us can still be tricky. If you need some tips on how to bring cats to the vet, check out this helpful Youtube video.

For more information on our feline friendly facilities and practices, contact us.