Pet Spa Services

Pet Spa Services

At Intermountain Pet Hospital, we take pride in making pets look their best. As we see it, a clean pet is a healthy pet is a happy pet. That's why we offer a full-service spa for dogs. We'll get your pets spruced up and make your time together more enjoyable.

Available Pet Grooming Services

With more than 20 years of experience, Intermountain's staff can provide a wide variety of services. 

Pet Brush

Get your pet fully brushed to get rid of old fur and dander. He'll look and feel better while your home can take a breather from all the shedding.

Pet Bathing

Even pets who hate baths will enjoy Intermountain's regular and medicated bathing services. Our special hydro-surge system gives your animals a soothing massage while they're getting cleaned. Also, we use specially formulated shampoos to keep your pets' coats looking and feeling healthy.

Nail Trimming

We offer sanitary nail clipping to keep your pet looking and feeling sharp.
Nail Trim - $21

Bath and Brush Fees - Canines Only

  • XS (1-15 lbs) - $32.00
  • S (16-30 lbs) - $39.00
  • M (31-55 lbs) - $51.00
  • L (56-90  lbs) - $69.00
  • XL (91 lbs +) - $84.00
  • Add Heavy or matted coat fee - $27.00
  • Bandana - $3.00 

If you are looking for full grooming, please call  (208) 978-7131 or contact us for a referral.

~Prices are subject to change without notice~