Lab Diagnostics in Meridian Idaho

Laboratory Diagnostics for Pets

As a full-service veterinary facility, Intermountain Pet Hospital offers a complete array of diagnostic tools. Because so many factors can affect an animal’s health, proper diagnosis is essential to effectively managing your pet’s condition.

While our doctors can detect several issues with a complete physical exam, they can't see what may be going on inside your pet. Because emergency situations require fast lab results, we've invested in a complete in-house laboratory diagnostic testing system. This system allows us to get immediate results and begin treatments quickly. This can make the difference between saving your pet's life and losing it. This technology is available at both our main hospital and our satellite location.

On-Site Laboratory Services

Our on-site laboratory allows us to obtain the rapid results, so you don’t have an unnecessary wait or delay in your pet’s care, and we can begin treatment as quickly as possible. On-site services include:

  • CBC
  • Blood Chemistry
  • Skin cytology and scraping
  • Intestinal parasite exams
  • Semen evaluation
  • Blood Cytology
  • Cellular Cytology
  • Electrolytes
  • Blood clotting tests
  • Blood Cortisol
  • FELV/FIV testing
  • Heartworm testing

Advanced Testing

Some conditions may require advanced laboratory testing. Intermountain has partnered with Idexx veterinary laboratory services to make this available, convenient and affordable for our patients. In most cases, we have a turnaround of 24 hours for lab results.

Veterinary Software

Good preventive care includes identifying disease early and watching laboratory trends over time. Our veterinary software combines in-house and reference lab results, allowing us to identify trends and problems before a pet is in danger.

Pet Wellness Packages

Check out our pet wellness packages to save 45-50% off many of the standard tests your pet will need in the course of his or her lifetime. With a wellness package, you get cost-effective peace of mind for your pet.

To learn more about Intermountain's diagnostic services, contact us.