Life Enrichment Activity Program

Dog Day Camp

At IPH's Life Enrichment Activity Program (or L.E.A.P.) we provide a unique day camp experience. We don't just physically tire your pets with all-day play; we also focus on all areas of enrichment to help reduce boredom, stress, and undesirable behaviors. We offer group playtime and meet the physical exercise needs of your pet, in addition to mental enrichment through games, puzzles, sounds, smells, and training.

Dogs will spend the day in small playgroups, rotating through periods of play and periods of cognitive enrichment where they get to learn new things and have exciting new experiences. Our day camp is open to all dogs in the Treasure Valley. Dogs who are boarding with us are welcome to join in our day camp activities for a minimal fee. To ensure that everyone stays safe and gets along, we screen each pet for temperament before letting him or her participate. All male dogs must be neutered to attend camp over the age of 12 months.

Our day camp schedule includes rotations through each of our enrichment stations: 

  1. Cognitive, Smell, and Food Enrichment with Kongs, puzzles, chimes, music, and games.
  2. Structural and Social Enrichment with outdoor group play, toys, and social activities such as bubbles
  3. Rest and Cognitive Enrichment with continued Kongs, puzzles, etc.
  4. Food and Cognitive Enrichment with small group training of basic commands and tricks.

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L.E.A.P. Dog Day Camp Hours and Rates

Dog Day Camp LEAP activities are from 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. Lodge hours are Monday-Friday 7am-7pm so if you need to drop your dog off early or pick them up late, we can arrange to have him or her stay in a kennel.

Day Camp Single Rates*:

  • Full Day: $28
  • Half Day (four hours or less): $19.75

Day Camp Packages: Buy a day camp package and save

  • Full Days*
    • 10 Days - $254
    • 30 Days - $740
  • Half Days*
    • 10 Days - $185
    • 30 Days - $540

Vaccination requirements effective 3-1-2017 

For more information or to reserve a spot at L.E.A.P. Dog Day Camp, contact us or come by and tour our camp today!

* ~Prices are subject to change without notice~