Canine Blood Heroes

canine blood heroes

Your dog could be a hero. Help other dogs in need by letting your dog donate blood to critically ill patients!

Not sure you're on board with doing so? Let us give you some more information before you make up your mind.

Canine Blood Heroes are Real Heroes, and Here is Why

Canine Blood Heroes, Boise (CBH, Boise) is a blood bank specifically designed for dogs, and is housed within Intermountain Pet Hospital and run by Dr. Hunt and his wife, Julie.

CBH is working hard to provide the blood and plasma needed to assist critically ill patients for all the veterinary offices and hospitals in the Treasure Valley, but they need the help of you and your dog to do so.

What are the criteria for a dog to be a Blood Hero?

  • A happy, healthy dog
  • Between 1-7 years of age
  • Greater than 50 pounds
  • Current on heart, worm/flea/tick, preventative, and vaccines
  • Has a universal blood type: Breeds such as Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Boxers, sighthounds (Greyhounds, Irish Wolfhounds) or mixes with those breeds are more likely to have the universal blood type

What are the benefits for you as the owner?

  • IPH veterinary credit for donating
  • Knowledge that your dog is helping save lives

If you are interested in learning more about this program or want to have your dog tested, please call or text Julie Hunt at (208) 301-1514 or email

Thank you for your consideration!

The IPH Team and Canine Blood Heroes