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4 Creative Ways to Exercise Your Dog

Posted by Nikki Wardle on March 8, 2016 at 9:00 AM
Nikki Wardle
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You're a responsible pet parent, which means you have your evening doggy exercise route memorized. You could walk it in your sleep—maybe you have a couple of times. Your dog needs exercise and an outlet, so you dutifully trace the same path every day, avoiding the feisty feline on 8th Street and clutching your doggy bag. But isn't it time to mix up your canine companion's exercise routine, for your sake and his?

It's not hard to get off the beaten path or choose a few new activities to get your dog's daily dose of exercise. Here are some ideas to add some variety.

Let Fido Take the Lead

Maybe every time you turn left at the end of the road, your dog has been wishing she could turn right. Let your dog take the lead this time and see where you end up. You could be pleasantly surprised and see more of your neighborhood.

Go for a Run

What better way to multitask than get your heart rate up while exercising your pup? Running is great for your health as well as your dog. Just be sure to let your dog get his or her social time in as well—don't be in too much of a hurry to allow for some sniffy and greeting.

Toss a Ball

It's a classic dog activity for a reason: fetch is written into many dog's DNA. Choose a frisbee or a lightweight ball and incorporate it into your dog's exercise routine. You can bring a ball or frisbee along on a walk or a run and take a break at the park for a rest for you and extra fun for Fido.

Arrange a Doggy Playdate

Dogs exercise best when they're doing things that are natural to them, and nothing is more natural to these fun loving pack animals than playing with other canines. Arrange a playdate with other social dogs, and watch carefully for any signs of aggression to keep everyone safe.

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