Keep dogs active during the winter

Tips to Keep Your Dog Active This Winter

Posted by Nikki Wardle on December 30, 2015 at 9:00 AM
Nikki Wardle
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When it's frigid outside, it can be hard to keep your dog active. Daily walks don't seem so attractive, the park is either full of snow, ice or frost, and the fire is so delightful... However, it's still important to keep your pooch active for them to stay happy and healthy. Here are some ways to do so.

Opt Outside

To reference REI's new motto "Opt Outside," that's really what you should do. But you'll have to be a little more creative and determined because it is so cold. Right now, the valley is just plain cold. There's no snow to frolic in, and it honestly isn't that fun. So, you'll need to go on a little trip.

Bundle yourself up, bundle the kids up, even bundle your dog up with a little sweater, and head for the hills. There's no need for a doggie daycare when the majority of dogs love the snow. They will be bewildered at the snowballs that they can never seem to catch. Go sledding, snowshoeing, hiking, etc. They'll love it, and so will your family.

Keep it Cozy

This isn't for everyone, we understand. Not all of us can track through a few feet of snow (and not all of us want to). Another option is creating a crazy dog-friendly area in your house. Normally, you discourage them to run around and use up energy in the house, but this time of year it becomes necessary. Section of a part of the house for a while, and create an obstacle course that resembles the outdoors. Boxes, pillows, sticks and whatever else you have around can contribute to the fun. It absolutely will make a mess, but it will also keep your dog healthy during the cold, inactive winter months.

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