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What to Ask Before Choosing a Doggy Day Care

Posted by Nikki Wardle on October 10, 2017 at 9:00 AM
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Is Fido forlorn every time you head out to work, leaving you feeling helpless and guilty? Does Rover give you puppy dog eyes and trash the house out of pent-up energy when your work schedule demands long days and late nights?

Dog boarding during the day can be the solution to the woes of the working pet parent. Many pet owners realize the benefits of using a reputable doggy daycare for more than just the occasional vacation. Daycare provides an outlet for your pup's boundless energy, a chance to socialize with humans and other dogs, and the peace of mind you're craving when you're away.

That said, not all doggy daycares are created equal. Just like parents researching a care facility for human children, you should consider the risks, benefits, and options before choosing a care center. Here are the questions you should ask before trusting your fur baby with a doggy daycare center.

7 Questions You Should Ask a Doggy Day Care Center

You'll want to know that the facility you choose keeps your pup healthy, monitors their guests' behavior, and interacts with your dog. Of course, as with any situation, there's no guarantee that even the best case scenario won't have some drawbacks, such as picking up a bug like kennel cough or a mild GI issue. However, the best places will require vaccinations and proof of updated vet care for all dogs, minimizing your risk and ensuring the worst you'll come home with is the equivalent of a doggy head cold.

Before you put your dog in daycare, here's what you should ask.

  1. Are dogs grouped based on size or age? If you have a particularly young, small, or elderly dog, you may be concerned about their safety with more active dogs. On the other hand, you could be the owner who knows your puppy loves everyone and will jump and wrestle with anyone. Ask about how dogs are grouped and make sure to voice your concerns and see how they can accommodate your dog.
  2. How many staff members are there? How many dogs? You'll want to be sure that your dog isn't neglected in a facility that doesn't have enough employees to keep up with demand.
  3. Will my dog be able to play outside as well as have access to indoor shelter? Many owners prefer a facility that lets their furry friend get some fresh air during the day. At the same time, cold temperatures and inclement weather mean that your dog should also have access to warm indoor shelter.
  4. Do you have a temperament test for admittance? Some pet owners want to be sure that every dog admitted to the daycare has basic temperament and training requirements.
  5. What vaccinations do you require? This question can help you eliminate day care centers that don't require vaccinations, which could put your dog at risk for dangerous illnesses that can be avoided, or at the very least minimized.
  6. What training do staff members complete? The right training and certifications can ensure that daycare employees can de-escalate dog tiffs, keep your dog safe, and even teach your pup valuable lessons.
  7. Can I take a tour? A tour of the dog care center can give you a clear picture of whether it's a good fit for you or not.

When in doubt, choose a different facility. You want to be sure that your dog is in responsible hands. A trial run can help you decide between top contenders, and it's worth your time to observe dogs and staff together for a period of time before making your final choice.

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