We Believe

IPH Veterinarians and Supporting Staff

We believe that pets contribute directly to the health, happiness, and well-being of individuals and communities. We believe strongly in Zooeyia, which is the medical term used to describe the health benefits that come from people and pets sharing their lives together.

2016 Best Veteranarian Best Of Treasure ValleyBecause we believe animals are such an important part of healthier living, the team at Intermountain pet hospital is proud to serve the Treasure Valley community and regularly give back donating knowledge, resources, and time. Our goal is to offer education on pet health care as well as create opportunities for people and pets to enjoy life together. We have also created a local non-profit organization called the Idaho Helping Hand Fund that offers financial assistance to families who need help providing veterinary care for pets during difficult financial times. We believe pets and people should stay together through these times, rather than be relinquished due to an inability to provide care.

Intermountain Pet HospitalWe believe in investing in the development, health, and happiness of our team members. The Staff at Intermountain Pet Hospital are not only passionate about animals; they have a genuine love for people and learning! We believe in offering regular education for our team members to ensure they are up to date on the latest advances in veterinary medicine.

With our hospital core values of Innovation, Communication, and Excellence guiding our path, we provide our patients with individualized, advanced, fear-fear free veterinary care and our clients with uncompromised service.  A top priority for our doctors is to have enough time with families during each appointment to get to know you and your pet, as well as perform a complete physical exam. This extra appointment time allows us to do educate families and work with you to build an individualized health care plan, leading to better patient outcomes.

Our vision is to foster happy healthy living for our patients, clients, team members, and community. We are proud to serve the Treasure Valley each day as we work towards this vision.

“Happy Healthy Pets and Families.”

Loving all dogs, cats and pets of the Treasure Valley