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Four Potentially Dangerous Children’s Toys for Pets

Posted by Nikki Wardle on December 13, 2022 at 9:00 AM
Nikki Wardle
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Tis the season for parties, festivities, and presents — lots and lots of presents. And while parents are doing their research on what toys are appropriate and safe for their children, most people don’t consider the safety of their pets and those toys.

Below are four of the most common toys that can harm your pet.

  1. Legos — One of the most popular toys in America since the 1960s, especially for boys, can be especially dangerous for pets. Most Legos are small and easily swallowed. If your dog or cat does ingest a Lego, it takes, on average, about 1.71 days for it to make it all the way through the digestive tract. However, Legos can become trapped in the intestines and, in that case, will need to be surgically removed.
  2. Stuffed Animals — Teddy bears and stuffed puppies and kitties are a Christmas staple. These plush stuffed animals may be your child’s favorite sleep partner, but they aren’t meant for pets. If your pet starts chewing up your child’s favorite teddy bear, the stuffing can get caught in their teeth and, in some extreme cases, cause choking.
  3. Action Figures/Barbies — While the probability of your pet hunting down your son’s G.I Joe or your daughter’s Holiday Barbie is extremely low, the dangers your pet could face if they ingest any of those toys is not. If any part of the doll is ingested, it could cause choking or get stuck in your pet’s intestinal tract.
  4. Board Games — Just like Legos, the small pieces that come with most games (think pawns, balls, dice, etc.) can get ingested by pets. The probability that your pet will pass the object is pretty high. Some larger pieces can become lodged in your pet’s intestines — especially if your pet is small.

Remedies For Ingested Toys

If you suspect your pet has chewed up and/or swallowed any of the above-mentioned toys, please get in touch with your pet’s veterinarian immediately. If it’s soon enough, your veterinarian may try to induce vomiting. In more severe cases, your pet could come down with gastroenteritis — inflammation of the stomach and intestines. Surgery will most likely be the remedy if the foreign object becomes lodged in your pet’s intestines.

When it comes to kid’s toys, it’s always best to keep them out of the reach of pets, especially puppies, who are notorious for chewing up and eating everything.

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