Pet Hospice

Hospice care for your terminally ill pet

Intermountain Pet Hospital's veterinarians and staff are also pet owners who have experienced the heartache of having terminally ill pets to care for. We have a heart for providing quality, compassionate veterinary hospice care in the Boise and Meridian area.

What services does veterinary hospice care include?

When a pet is diagnosed as terminally ill, the diagnosing veterinarian will refer the family to our doctor who oversees hospice care, Dr. Alicia Konsella. An initial consultation and exam are completed and a personal care plan is developed for the patient. Throughout hospice care, our services include:

  • A comprehensive care plan tailored for each individual patient
  • Client training for at-home care
  • Weekly follow-up in-home visits by the hospice technician
  • In-home visits by the hospice veterinarian as needed
  • Medications and treatments in-home or in-hospital as needed
  • Networking connections to support groups
  • Emotional support with professional referrals as needed
  • In-home or in-hospital euthanasia or support during natural death

What are the benefits of veterinary hospice care?

Similar to human hospice care, the benefits of providing additional support to terminally ill pets are many.

  • Time—When the end of life is near, the gift of extended time with a pet helps to bring closure to the relationship. Allowing families the time to process events, to weigh out decisions, and to say goodbyes brings comfort and provides a peace of mind to the families that we believe is critical when addressing the special human-to-pet bond.
  • Comfort—Giving pets the support needed to keep them pain-free and in an environment that is familiar and feels safe through the end-of-life experience allows them to remain relaxed and comforted by the presence of the family who loves them.
  • Support—We believe in not only supporting the pet and his or her health needs but also believe it is important to support the human family through difficult times. Providing in-home care support, as well as emotional support and networking with area support groups, we seek to offer the encouragement and guidance of others who have been through similar experiences.

If you have any questions about our hospice care options, please contact our compassionate staff.